New Revenue & Existing Customers

Reach out to the existing customers because they are the ones that know your company best. Check out our 4 reasons why to focus on the existing customers.

CRM # Get better conversion rates

If getting better conversion rates is what you strive to achieve, you should definitely focus the communication efforts on your company’s existing customers. You should do this because you already have e established a trust relationship with the existing customers, you have inspired confidence in your product, and managed to get a lot of information in your CRM database about them.

CRM # Spend less money on marketing

If investing fewer funds in the monthly marketing campaign is what you strive to achieve, you’ll spend less time and effort in finding new customers and convincing them that your business is the best on the market. Having new customers and long-term relationship goals usually triple the costs of a marketing campaign, it is best to maintain the existing customer because maintaining will always bring the company fewer expenses.

CRM # Always leave room for improvement

Listening to your customers’feedback is a golden opportunity that enables you to daily improve the company’s overall performance. Approaching customers for feedback will enable you to attract the customer’s attention and this action makes all the difference. Here are some of the questions you can ask: Ask if the customer service good enough. Ask if the product expectations meet and always prove that their feedback — if they offer you a moment to give it — prove that not be thrown into a shoebox and forgotten.

CRM #  Low costs strategy

If two companies are changing prices on the same products, and the amount remains the same, it is possible that each company will get totally different results, depending only on how they implement the new price strategy.

Implementing the low price strategy has the ability and power to save your organization a whole lot of necessary funds. Attracting new customers will cost an organization around 4  times more than keeping the oh so important existing customer; so keeping customers with a low price strategy is the thing to do.